Dart Constructions will work with you to find colors, designs and patterns that bring a revived appeal both interior and exterior to your home and lifestyle.With our signiture craftsmanship, we can renovate an entire home, expand your outdoor living space with a new deck, add custom trim such as crown molding, barn wood, chair rail or new baseboard, finish the basement or update the bathroom.   If you want something as simple as a bathroom vanity or a new front door replaced we can assist you with that as well.

Part of good quality service is quality building materials, We strive to use tested materials that will last.

 Example 1.
  We use Uponor PEX Plumbing is quiet, durable and will last.

Example 2.
  Some of the fine products we use for building decks are composite decking such as TimberTech or Trex. A composite deck has less maintenance and lasts longer then wood decking.

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Our Main Service Area is Parker, Douglas County, SE Aurora, Arapahoe County and Surrounding

Professional Handyman Service

Dart  Construction

 Contractor/ Craftsman

As a skilled professional Dave can help with many of your house repairs or upgrade list.


Light Fixtures and Fans

Interior and Exterior Doors

Sink Fixtures

Sump Pump Replacement

Hose Bib Repair

Drywall Repair

Stairs and Railing

TV Mounting

GFI Receptacle

Items we don't do are:

Chicken coups

Washing windows

House cleaning

Moving Furniture

Hanging x-mas lights

Picking up after animals